Seeings one's name in Print.

Starting this site was a hobby. When it began, it was probably the second most visited site on Indian Air Force after Bharat Rakshak in 1998. Naturally people thought I was some sort of expert in these matters (Another matter whether i am or not) and started emailing me for information and help. I tried to help as much as I can and was sometimes surprised that once in a while my name creeped into documents and books. Then I started to do some hard work and write articles and take photographs. Presented in this site are the various times I was quoted or credited!

Fly Past Magazine Oct 2002 issue carried a photograph and a news report sent by by me. A Photograph of the newly restored Tigermoth at Dundigal which was taken on the open day during the Passing out Parade was submitted and was published by Mr. Ellis.

The flypast team did make one small mistake. The serial of the Tiger HU-858 was mistakenly given as HU-358 twice in the writeup that accompanied it even though the it was quite clear in the photograph that I had sent.

Aeroplane Monthly Magazine Sept 2002 issue carried a mention of Warbirdsofindia.com, a Website that I started and maintain. The monthly column 'Contact!' by Paul Coggan mentions the discovery of various warbirds in India. Paul was gracious enough to write about WoI as a 'wonderful internet resource'.

"As I alluded in CONTACT! earlier this year, India has yielded several interesting airframes over the years. Ormond Haydon-Baillie and the larger-than-life Doug Arnold, both Warbird pioneers, retrieved Spitfires and Tempests from that country. More recently,the subcontinent revealed a rare Hawker Hurricane MkI that Peter Vacher now has under restoration. The latest news comes from Jagan and Kapil's wonderful internet resource www.warbirdsofindia.com. Jagan recently... Click on Image on right  to read

Print_FlypastFeb2002Cover.jpg (29735 bytes) Flypast February 2002 Issue carried a Photograph and report contributed by me!. A new MiG-21U was installed in our city and I happened to sent it to the Editor Mr. Ken Ellis. Ken published the photograph within a couple of months of me contributing the information. Needless to say it was an achievement for me!
Print_FlypastMar2001Cover.jpg (32604 bytes) Click to ViewThough not neccessarily a photograph, Flypast had earlier mentioned my website in thier magazine's Web Watch section. I had not noticed it until an year later!
Print_WirazeJan2002Cover.jpg (25029 bytes) Click to View Wiraze is the official news magazine of the Polish Air Force. Jarek Kantor, the editor waanted some pictures of the Surya Kiran Aerobatic Team for an article they were working on. Luckily I happened to have a few formation pics that I had taken at a recent airshow. Jarek used one of the photos in the Magazine, which you can see on the left. Not exactly one of my best photos, but Hey! another credit in your resume!
Print_VayuApr1999Cover.jpg (18724 bytes) Click to ViewOne of my earliest venture was to write the Article "When Lightning Strikes" -- About the No.20 Squadron of IAF in the 1971 War. The article was published in Vayu Aerospace Review in the April 1999 issue under the nom de guerre "Bharat Rakshak"
Print_VayuDec2000Cover.jpg (24082 bytes) It took me one and a half years to follow through with another article on Vayu Aerospace Review in the Dec 2000 issue. This was the first article of mine to be printed on my own name. Building upon a small anecdote that was narrated to me on E-Mail, It turned out to be a lead which I followed up. ".. And one flew under the..." became a reality.
Print_4PlusTempestCover.jpg (16676 bytes) Click to ViewMichal Ovacik from Czechoslavakia brings outa  series of excellent books aimed at Modellers. One of his books was on the Tempest. Michal wanted some basic clarifications - Like when the RIAF and RPAF reverted back to thier current titles after dispensing off the "Royal" Prefix.  This earned me "A word of thanks" on page 2 (Inside Cover) and a complimentary copy!
Print_4PlusSeahawkCover.jpg (18304 bytes) Click to View4+ Publications followed up with a book on the Sea Hawk fighter. Michal followed up with a request for information on the Sea Hawk in the Indian Navy Service. I sent him a whole lot of information, which never made it into the final book. But it did get me..this time a "Grateful Acknowledement" (For the uninitiated its more than a "Word of thanks" which i got previously.) and a complimentary copy. Thanks Michal, for putting my name there even though I wasn't of much help!
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Once there was an International Bird Strike Committee symposium happening in Amsterdam, Mr. W John Richardson emailed me and used some of the basic Attrition information that was there with me on this site. John used the information from the site in the paper he presented in the symposium. Giving me a line of credit and publishing the URL in the references page.

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