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From: Sean D`Penha (
Date: Fri Aug 13 10:10:42 1999

The Site makes me proud

I am Indian also a pilot not an Air Force but civilian. I am presently flying in Canada way up north flying King Air 100. I really like your Page on thew IAF. I do hope you could get the latest on IAF'S news too.
Keep up the good work.
Regards Sean

From: Ravinder
Date: Wed Aug 11 08:14:31 1999

Encounter in Kutch

Three Cheers for the IAF for shooting down the Pakistani Airplanes over Kutch. You should do a story on the shooting down and expose the impractciality of a "Training Mission" in a Hot area.


From: Manish Chandan
Date: Fri  Aug 6


I recently accessed your site to know the facts about Indo-Pak confrontation, and must appreciate your efforts to provide such an objective account of the events. I have printed every page therein for future reference. However, I would have really enjoyed a short summary for the entire war.

From: Ashutosh Buch
Date: Fri  Aug 6


Your site is one of the best I have seen, dedicated to the IAF.

From: kersi dotiwalla (ttf@bom8)
Date: Sat Aug 7 02:38:32 1999

fighter aircraft

excellent collection and data about indian air force

From: Monali Karnik (
Date: Fri Aug 6 13:49:48 1999

Excellent Site!!

I just loved the site!!!Keep up the good work and let the pakistanis realise the power that is INDIA !!JAI HIND!!!!

From: Giovanni Galvan (
Date: Sat Jul 31 07:10:11 1999

aviation enthusiastt and journalist

Compliments, visit my URL at

From: Virendra (
Date: Tue Jul 27 16:30:27 1999

Most impressive!!!!

From: Ron Wheeldon (
Date: Tue Jul 27 11:38:05 1999

Hawker Hunter

I operate an ex-Swiss Hunter in South Africa and am always on the lookout for parts and AVPIN - I had hoped to acquire and preserve in airworthy condition an IAF Hunter, but it seems I am too late, they've probably been broken up already - a tragedy! I enjoyed going through your site - thanks!

From: mick burton (
Date: Sat Jul 24 11:42:57 1999

Excellent pictures!

From: S. VEEK
Date: Fri Jul 23 19:58:26 1999


YES, your site is great and I will not post Anti-Indian Messages again.

From: Jason
Date: Sun Jul 18 16:27:22 1999

Keep up the good work

hey jagan,
I was most delighted to hop on a website like yours. It just gives me another
reason to be proud to be INDIAN. Good job on obtaining and tastefully aranging all your details. i am in America at the moment but i plan to go back to India just as soon as i complete my degree and join the IAF. Looking forward to it. A message to the Pakistani---We will take you out anytime, anywhere----just name it. Our MIG-29's and SU-30's are the best.---see ya jagan

From: Kalpana Maurya (N/A)
Date: Sat Jul 17 09:14:23 1999


I would like to thank all our air force pesons who have done a very good job in Kashmir to throw Pakistani out from India. Pakistan should take a lesson from Indians. Our fighter pilots are great.

From: Sudip K. Maurya (
Date: Sat Jul 17 03:48:31 1999

Appreciation for job well done

Dear Jagan

I'm happy that Indian Air Force is so good in doing its job. I would like to thank all fighter pilots who have done a very good job for our country. I'm not an airman but my Papa is airman so I'm in touch with Indian Airforce. I also like to thank all the persons who were involved in Kargil sector and lost their livies for the country.
Indian Airforce has done a very good job.

Sudip K. Maurya

From: Biki Malik (
Date: Mon Jun 14 21:09:04 1999

Indian AirForce War 1965

Hello : I read your site on Indian Air Force and was very, very impressed. Particularly, since you have taken the trouble to re-create the IAF war in 1965. I had seen details on the 1971 war but the 1965 war has remained elusive. Can I ask you where you got this information.

I have a particular interest in 1965 since my father Late Sqn. Ldr. N. K. Malik was killed in action in this war. This is the first time I have read how he died and I am thrilled and very proud. You cannot believe how happy I am to have read this at my age of 36, having lost him when I was 2 years old. I would like to find out more about his role in the war and so was wondering if you would be willing to share with me, where you go this information on the war.

If there is a way I can contribute to you efforts let me know.


Barinder (biki) Malik

From: Ashit Chakraborty (
Date: Thu Jun 10 03:59:53 1999

The Great Indian Air Force

Dear Jagan,

You are a genious. Your site is so excellent, interesting and truthful that I must have visited it atleast 15 times. Now I look forward to your accomplishment of the IAF's role in the 1971 war.

I visted the paki sites too but they are liars and they only know how to do negative propoganda against India. It seems the pakis have forgotten the 65 & 71 beatings.

My father was a airman in the IAF. During the 65 conflict I was not in my senses being a 6 months old infant and were posted in Barrackpore AFB. By the time 71 conflict broke out, I can recollect the night sky lit up by our A-A fire. This time we were posted at the Chandigarh AFB.

I would appreciate an acknowledgement from you if you wish any future accomplishment of the 1971 conflict. Any help needed, most welcome. Also thanks to Rakesh Koshy.

God Bless you. Jai Hind!!

Best Regards
Ashit Chakraborty

From: N.Ganesh (
Date: Thu Jun 10 03:43:34 1999

Good Work

dear Jagan,
Congratulations for having maintained such a great website. As I am a warbird enthusiast myself, I have a couple of questions . I'd be thankful to you if you could answer them.
1. Do you know the history of Liberator HE924 (at the IAF museum)?
2. Are there any transport warbirds preserved anywhere else in India (other than the ones in the IAF museum) ?

From: Neville Bulsara (
Date: Mon Jun 7 02:47:03 1999

Great site ! (and a few comments on the furious rhetoric to be found on this guestbook)


For starters - you've got a really impresive site here - loved browsing through the various images and reading the commentry. Regarding my interest in military afairs - it goes way back to 1989 when I was associated in some ways with the Indian Navy - since then, I have managed to keep myself updated (as far as possible) on the navy and air force front (world-wide, not just the Indian scenario), but my knowledge on ground warfare is minimal (that's putting it kindly). Things be as they may, apart from the fighting forces, my interests include geopolitics etc - I'm more of a strategic guy than a tactical one - if you know what I mean.

In the light of the above statement, I cannot but help comment on some of the rhetoric I've seen posted here by some of the visitors on your site. Talks of "nuking Pakistan" or "nuking India".. or even fighting another war... while one cannot expect peop

From: Rahul Roy (
Date: Wed Jun 2 00:52:57 1999

Nice Site

From: Narendra Tailor (
Date: Fri May 28 10:19:50 1999


For a job well done in providing an insight of the Indian Defences.
Keep up the good work.

With gratitude and kind regards.

From: Jan (
Date: Thu May 27 09:50:38 1999

Hello from Texas

I am the proud owner of a TS-11 Iskra. A Polish Jet fighter trainer and am curious as I have heard that the India Airforce still utilizes them for training. Is this true ? I am building a fact sheet for airshow in Texas, and am very excited about showing off my new prize - the "Iskra" Regards, Jan J. Rayburn

From: Nishant Berlia (
Date: Tue May 25 13:32:09 1999

Pics of IAF


Hi! I was just checking out your site (at the risk of sounding like another of those Congress men :-) ) - wonderful, great, fintastic.

I have some pics and a list of aircrafts as of 1991.

Since these pics take a lot of memory, just mail me if you want them. The ones I have are:

1. SEPECAT Jaguar
2. Trio of MiG-21 "Fishbeds"
3. 5 SA.315B Lama or "Cheetak"
4. Mil Mi-26 "Halo"
5. HJT-16 Kiran II

From: Dhiren Bhatia (
Date: Mon May 10 19:30:38 1999

Very impressive page
Way to go!

Jai Hind!

From: Lana (
Date: Sat May 1 23:56:49 1999

Great Page

I think that you have a very interesting page. I wish that I had the time to do something like this. Thanks for visiting my page. Sorry that I don't have the time to update it. Hopefully by the fall, I will have a few minutes. I haven't put any pics on it yet.

From: mario warnaar (
Date: Thu Apr 15 12:48:41 1999

your site

Great website, enjoyed it a lot. I'm a former Royal Netherlands Air Force K-9 doghandler. Visit my site someday at

From: kumar (u don't wanna know)
Date: Mon Apr 12 10:53:29 1999

siddiqui's comments

dear Siddiqui, it's funny to hear you talking about the captured IAF pilots.
Go ask Bhutto, how we made him limp to shimla and ask your half million
army how we made them walk through our streets with the hands tied during
the 71 war. Next time you mess with us, we 'll wipe you out of this world.
long live india...greetings to country men.

jai hind

From: Trevor (
Date: Fri Apr 9 15:59:18 1999

Warbirds & early jets

Well done Jagan< good site

From: Cary Dice (
Date: Mon Mar 29 16:01:27 1999

In North Carolina, USAb

From: Neil Medcalf (
Date: Sat Mar 27 01:10:42 1999

IAF Spitfire Trainers

I would like to talk with anyone who flew, maitained of remembers the IAF's Spitfire Trainers. I am researching these ten aircraft for a book on these aircraft the IAF and RIAF used. Any help would be very gratefully recieved. Thanks.

From: Flt Lt S Sadanand (ex) SSC AE(L) (
Date: Fri Mar 5 07:09:40 1999


Can you email me a photo of SAM 3 (Pechora) missiles?


From: C. A. Broadhurst (
Date: Sat Feb 13 19:16:58 1999

Flying Training in India, 1944 to 1946

In late 1944, around 112 Fairchild Cornells were delivered to India for elementary flying training. Used at No. 2 EFTS, Jodphur and possibly elsewhere. Has anybody any logboks, photographs or similar records relating to these aircraft?

From: Zeeshan Nabi (
Date: Wed Feb 10 21:57:03 1999

Another question!

thanks for your reply.
I am wondering if S/L Trevor Keelor was awarded Vir Chakra for shooting F/L Yusaf Ali Khan??
If he was, than I have a picture of his demaged plane at Sargodha air base (Sabre #53870) proving that the pilot was awarded kill incorrectly.
F/L Yusaf and his Sabre flew again for the duration of this war with in few days after receiving repair.
any comments???
Did you also know that IAF surrendered Gnat was also from the same formation?

From: Zeeshan Nabi (
Date: Sun Feb 7 19:53:18 1999

I am me!

i just noticed that you have listed two PAF pilots as shot down over Kalaikunda on 7th sep 1965. F/L Cooke and F/O Mamgain each claimed one fighter. PAF only accepted one loss of F/L Afzal Khan and you also described in detail how his body was found. Who was the other pilot? You dont mention his name or about recovering his body.
what happened to the other pilot??
please respond

From: Mario D'Errico (
Date: Wed Feb 3 12:04:57 1999

beauty airplanes

Excellent the page. I am a airplane fanatic from Argentina.

From: Manmeet Singh (
Date: Tue Feb 2 10:03:03 1999


Excellent work Jagan!!Keep it up.

From: Wg. Cdr. F.J. Mehta )Retd.) (
Date: Tue Feb 2 03:49:08 1999

Re: Your IAF site

Had a preview. Looks impressive. Will get back after a closer look.

From: Omar Mirza (
Date: Tue Jan 12 15:32:01 1999

Overall Site, and future Conflict IAF vs. PAF

we, their citizenry, who have paid the taxes to support the militaries of both countries should get our money's worth ! I look forward to the next Indo-Pak war, may it come soon. With IAF having nearly 1000 fighter aircraft Vs. PAFs 500 it should be even more interesting than the last 2 wars. And interceptions will be MUCH more likely to occur resulting in more air-air combat this time around. Hooray for CNN !!! (We'll get to watch I hope) I'm also a big armour buff and that'll be fun to see as well.
PAF Zindabad ! (That lying jerk M.M Alam excepted)

From: Omar Mirza (
Date: Tue Jan 12 15:30:34 1999

Overall Site, and future Conflict IAF vs. PAF

Well maintained and organized and seemingly objective, although your account is only as good as the info you rely on, and I'm convinced the IAF never made certain things public. I enjoyed reading the operational details of the IAFs account of the war. Its a pity there are some Indian & Pakistani people who do not understand simple civility and resort to crude characterizations of the "enemy", who have posted msgs in your guestbook that serve no constructive purpose.
I for one however, being a fighter enthusiast, and of Pakistani nationality, look forward to the day when the IAF & the PAF resume dueling in the skys over both countries simply and purely from a sporting point of view. As long as nuclear war is averted ... there's no harm in having another war over the unresolved (and peacefully unresolveable) Kashmir dispute. Afterall, both nations have spent a lot of money on buying a lot of expensive toys, we, their citizenry, who

From: wg.cdr vkvasudev (
Date: Mon Jan 4 08:58:38 1999

test flying

give info on test flying schools etc.

From: Radhey Shyam (
Date: Wed Dec 23 06:43:03 1998

Quite a good effort.. keep it up..

From: Srinath and vasanta (
Date: Tue Dec 1 17:00:51 1998

IAF site

Great effort , interesting facts and pics. Best wishes.

From: rsingh (
Date: Tue Dec 1 16:19:04 1998

interesting reading and pictures

Interesting and impartial site.
Till now all I have heard are these pakistani
braggarts singing their own praises but after
looking at these sites and reading third party
accounts I have to say with regret that they
the pakistanis lie a bit too much are in fact
deluding themselves and setting themselves up for
another defeat.

From: Amitabh Sinha (
Date: Sun Nov 29 11:30:50 1998


Fantastic site. keep it up. waiting for updates.

From: Kishore Patel (
Date: Mon Nov 23 15:21:16 1998

Simply great........

From: qazi (
Date: Sat Nov 21 21:27:01 1998

tribute to downed flyers

have any sane indian or pakistani ever thought of repatriating remains of downed flyers on both sides of the border.conflicts comes and goes but i think human spirit should prevail,pakistani airforce,is great.pakistan zindabad,hindustan zindabad.i would love to see any comments on this issue

From: Vivek Bhaskar (
Date: Sat Nov 21 20:44:07 1998

Pretty cool........

From: Joe Corcoran (
Date: Sun Nov 15 21:01:55 1998


You have a great web page with very good photos. My visit was very interesting.



From: Mizu (
Date: Sun Nov 15 20:28:19 1998

Great Site

Excellent site

From: birju
Date: Sun Nov 15 02:29:14 1998



JAY HIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Gus Sheridan (
Date: Fri Nov 13 04:33:20 1998

Old friends

If any old colleagues of Air.Cdr Peter Wilson Vr.C
(Retd) wishes to contact him they can do so through me, his son-in-law at my email address.
Thanks Jagan once again for all the effort you have put into your very interesting website. It makes very interesting reading

Gus Sheridan

From: lomax (
Date: Thu Nov 12 01:46:57 1998

Excellent job

India RulZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Rajesh Narayana
Date: Wed Nov 11 15:53:22 1998

Excellent site

Keep up the good work. Not too many people maintain their websites. Looks like you are enjoying yourself doing this. More people shd take interest. Your bro showed me this site

Date: Wed Nov 11 08:11:09 1998



From: zachariah (
Date: Tue Nov 10 08:57:01 1998


I happened to visit this site accidentally and i enjoyed surfing it.
JAI HIND!!!!!!

From: Rajeev Gupte (
Date: Fri Nov 6 11:55:50 1998

New Chief of Air Staff

I live in the UK and I note with great delight that Air mArshal Tipnis is to suceed Air Chief Marshal Sareen as the new Chief of Air Staff.

I believe he is the right man for the job, given the difficulties the IAF has had w.r.t. pay issues. Air Marshal Tipnis should bring balance and diplomacy to the force and his tenure will be seen to be one of calm and fairness.

He is after all my father-in-law!!

Great site by the way...


From: Samir Chopra (
Date: Fri Oct 30 18:04:55 1998

Gallantry Awards

Vinod Patney (VrC) is currently C-in-C WAC. I am pretty sure that he flew in 1 Sqn as well with VK Bhatia and PC Chopra. In Dec 1996, I met VK 'Jimmy' Bhatia (he is C-in-C as well, I think, of one of the Commands, at the time he was at AHQ) after a long period and as we got to chatting, he told me about flying in the 'famous Black formation'. There were four members, Bhatia, Chopra, Patney and one more whose name escapes me. I am fairly sure, too, that Bhatia and Chopra got their VrC's for the Sargodha raid, so its possible that Patney got his for the same reason. Anyway, none of this is positive but might be worth checking out. I'll try and find out more on my next trip to India.

Once again, congratulations on an excellent page. I wish some comments in the guestbook were a little more civilized.

From: Vinod Kirplani (
Date: Thu Oct 29 00:34:46 1998


There will always be conflict where there are differences. Sad part is that Pakistan was once India. As a child I grew up in India, and as a four year old I remember the air-raid-sirens real well. My father remembers how he had to leave hyderabad sindh in 1947, as a four year old. The IAF has made many improvements and have made a strong commitment to their arsenal as well as pilots. There are no winners in war, but Jagan memories are worth a million thoughts! Keep up the good work. God Bless the IAF.

From: siddiqui
Date: Tue Oct 27 16:03:39 1998

65 war

In 1965 war i was 10 years old and living close to airforce base
i have seen three time with my own eyes that during the dog fight
indian planes landed,and pilot of indian airforce was ordered to murgha ban jaoo. they were literally begging with their hands tight for their life....
Shame on u folks ............u die for the country.....but these idiots were begging for their life....Shame

From: SAkkara (
Date: Sun Oct 25 01:45:50 1998

Congrats!!!!!! Great Site!!!

Kudos! for maintaining a great site. Do present a balanced picture and keep

From: Gobind
Date: Fri Oct 16 18:10:20 1998


Great site! I am a fan of tanks, esp soviet built stuff and I saw you were into tanks as well. Do you have any pics of tanks in indian army that you could put on your site. I saw your pic on the T-72-cool.
Jai Hind, Sat Sri Akal

From: aman (
Date: Tue Oct 6 15:37:11 1998

INDIAN !!!!!!!!!!!

hey people , y is that pakistan is jeoules of india ?? is it becouse india got better Airforce or better navy or better army ?? india will kick paki's ass anytime,anywhere.y do u think it took so long for pakistan to test it's nuclear weopon's ?? and the answer is 'china send them the wrong manual'
India ROCK"S !!!!!!!!!

Date: Wed Sep 30 02:40:29 1998


My congratulations on maintaining an excellent web site of the Indian Air Force. More information would be helpful.

From: Wg.Cdr. Donald Michael Retd) (
Date: Fri Sep 25 12:19:55 1998

Retired in 1967 and still flying

I immigreted to Canada in 1968 after serving nearly 25 years with the RIAF and then the IAF. I stumbled on your interesting page. I still hold my valid Senior Commercial pilots licence and fly occasionally just to keep in touch. I would like ti keep in touch with any of my contempories and ex-students of the Army,Navy and AirFirce whom I trained both on pistons and jets. Thanks and all the best Don

From: Greg Buechler (
Date: Fri Sep 18 13:37:55 1998

Impressions of your site

I stumbled on this while looking for another museum topic, but was very pleasantly surprised! I'm probably one of the only Americans with an interest in the Indo-Pakistani conflicts and air activity in particular. As a scale modeler, aircraft of these battles are a favorite subject of mine. Keep up the good work, and the more you can publish (in color!) of camouflage and markings the better!

Greg Buechler

From: W/C Bhupinder Singh (
Date: Tue Sep 15 20:29:17 1998

Well done, keep it up!

At long last a good site on IAF. Living here in Australia, aI am hungary for any info about me ex-service. You might like to include info about and contact addreses of various top IAF Institutes/Colleges/Academies etc. Please keep up the good work.

From: Sastry (
Date: Mon Sep 14 12:54:11 1998

Good Show

My Dear Jagan
You have said enough about the pilots and their aircrafts. Do you mind mentioning something about missiles and existing pay disparities between fliers and technical officers.
What is the latest about the pay committee set up by the Air HQ.


From: Wg.Cdr. D.P.Soni (Retd) IAF (
Date: Sat Sep 5 14:34:16 1998

Dear Mr Jagan,
It is very ineresting to view this website sitting in USA. Having witnessed the times and some of the events that this site focuses on it brings back memories of some outstanding brave
men whose deeds contributed to the Glory of Indian Air Force. But the pity is that their patriotic spirit has not been politically cannalised for the National Good but malaciously allowed to be drained and wasted. What those times revealed
to me was that basically we Indians and they the Pakistanis are same people who ironically have

From: Parikshit (
Date: Sun Aug 23 08:25:31 1998

thank you

what a nice site how can i thank you for praising india so much . indian airforce after all is one of the best in the world. pakistanis will always remember the defeats they had to face in the previous wars .thanks to the iaf. the recently inducted su 30s can really take the pakis arse

From: Narendra Tailor (
Date: Sun Aug 23 01:17:17 1998

Keep it up and thank you for providing us foreigners of Indian ancestory with an insight of India's defences.

From: fawad (
Date: Sat Aug 22 00:08:30 1998


during a war its good luck to shoot one plane out 350 but paki's shoot down 150 out of 500 in 65, & in 71 paki's shoot down appx.250 aircrafts.
IAF air Force is so advance that it's officers went on strike and there fighters could not shoot a cargo plane.they r so advance that there pilots are affaird of death

Date: Wed Aug 19 21:20:28 1998

Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that I think you have an excellent site! From both a historical and a technical perspective. And I learnt a few things too. I never realised that the Ajeet was a right little arse-kicker, to us Brits it was always considered to be a trainer. Also, I never realised that the Marut acheived operational status! Ignorance on my part I suppose, but just another example of 'never knowing enough' about military history.
As an ex-engineer in the RAF, plane lover and all round history head, I fully appreciate your efforts to educate the ignorant amongst us.
Here in the UK we have difficulty understanding the animosity between India and Pakistan as we have LARGE communities of both nationalities so this 'forgotten conflict' will be quite an eye-opener for some. Conflict isn't the answer to differences but it's always been with us and doesn't seem to want to leave.
Take it easy people! Catch ya soon.

From: Kamal Mahmud (
Date: Sun Aug 16 20:57:10 1998

Your page

Dear Jagan,
as an x-PAF pilot ,all i can say is that war is no solution to anything.If we can ever erase the hatred among us is the biggest dilema.Religion should not become a reason for war.
Good luck with whatever u are trying to acomplish.

Kamal Mahmud

From: Shaji (
Date: Thu Aug 13 16:47:35 1998

Congrats on a great site!

This is my first time visit here. Great site you got going here! My 2 cents:

~Try to fit the first-page entirely into the browser window, without the need for scrolling horizontally and..
~It is difficult to read some pages on the site because of the backdrop..would be great if you can enhance font/backdrop contrast..

E-mail me if you need any help. Good Luck!

From: Nooman Naqvi (
Date: Fri Aug 7 17:53:08 1998


Dear Sir,
Nice page. Great photos. I plan to visit India soon & I'll love to go to the IAF museum. We have a new PAF museum in Karachi. If you plan to visit Pakistan then please go there.
Also please visit my PAF page at It has invaluable Gun Camera photos from the '65 war.
Nooman Naqvi

From: Nagesh (
Date: Tue Aug 4 14:44:57 1998

Need to have a date last updated on the main page along with whats new


From: Rahul K. Deshpande (
Date: Sun Aug 2 20:00:32 1998

Whaaata Site !!

Dear Jaggu !!

Kuddos for your site and especially the new addition (The Lull . ) . Patriotism should never overshadow Rationalism ,and thats what this site proves to be as per me "Its a an unbiased account of 1965 war ,very rare !! "
Keep up the good work !!


From: Neil Medcalf (
Date: Sat Aug 1 23:28:53 1998

Hurricane information and Spitfire request

Here's some help with the history for the Hurricane.-- I would like to ask you for your help as well-
Could you supply me with addresses for the IAF Museum and the IAF Academy museum?
I am researching the IAF's two seat Spitfires for a book. I am looking for their histories,
serial matchs to RAF serials and photos of them in service. Thank you -
Only production batch of 300 Hurricane Mk II 's built by Austin Motor Co ltd. Longbridge
, during 1941. serial groupings as follows.
excepting AP-516-AP518 this entire batch was scheduled for supply to Russia during
1941-42, for service with the Russian Navy. Although a large propotion in fact sailed by
PQ convoy ( many aircraft being lost en route due to enemy action), other aircraft were
retained for issue to the Royal Air Force. principally as replacements.
- above from the book Hawker Hurri

From: Vikram Vyas
Date: Mon Jul 27 13:28:55 1998

This has developed into a great site. Bravo!

From: Pakistani
Date: Sun Jul 26 03:48:17 1998

It's all a waste!!!...a web page on the IAF.
You indians know your pilots are no match for the PAF......your morale is low, planes are not even fit to fly and you're SHIT scared of meeting the PAF F-16 top guns!!!!

From: Kiran (
Date: Fri Jul 24 04:38:33 1998

One more crazy guy !!!

Hello Mr. Jagan,
Great work buddy. I thought there were'nt many crazy buffs like me-looks like I've got company out here. Neat layout,good description,deadly photographs. My main attraction - trivia. Nice bit.
Keep up the good work my friend !!!

From: Damien Burke (
Date: Wed Jul 22 16:30:17 1998


Great site - it's good to see the Indian Air Force getting more and more coverage on the web, as I feel it's one of the most interesting forces with such varied equipment and a history of combat success. And, of course, so many UK-originated types in use, my primary interest!

From: swarna latha (
Date: Thu Jul 16 10:02:21 1998


Dear Jaggu,
The site is really good. We Indians really require such websites which will boost the image of our Indian Military people.
Please do carry on

From: Vinod Bakshi (
Date: Tue Jul 14 19:58:41 1998

PAF Air Chief Picture

You should copy the PAF Air Chief's recent picture from Jane's IDR page which shows him sitting in an F-16 and put it next to his POW picture. It would make a good BEFORE and AFTER sequence!

Date: Wed Jul 1 16:54:16 1998

Excellent ! very well done, I am eagerly awaiting the completion of the remaining chapters.
Nice to know that the PAKi Air Chief, has had the taste of being shot down and being captured.

From: Nagesh (
Date: Wed Jul 1 13:37:16 1998



From: Sajneev Sharma (
Date: Sun Jun 14 12:17:48 1998

Good work Jagan !

Good work. Look forward to the remaining chapters on the 1965 conflict. It would be interesting to compare the claims of the respective Air Forces in this conflict.

From: Samir Chopra (
Date: Tue Jun 9 16:21:41 1998

Gallantry Awards

With reference to your Gallantry awards page:

PC Chopra, VK Bhatia both flew Mysteres for 1 SQN in the 65 Ops

From: Satish Krishnan (
Date: Sun Jun 7 07:51:20 1998

Excellent! I'm eagerly waiting for the completion of the '65 story, and then hope you will take up the '71 war!


From: rajiv (
Date: Fri Jun 5 15:00:50 1998

Good Show.

What can I say but "A BigThanks Jagan". Keep up the good work.

From: Jay Sheshgiri (
Date: Sun May 24 21:17:48 1998


Mr Jagan,
Well done! Carry on with the good work. I look forward to the completion of this 1965 war site.
Jai Hind!

From: Venkat
Date: Sun May 24 03:47:12 1998

Great Site!

Beutiful site, Jagan. dont you think it would be better to start something on the 1971 Air Battles too. What about the IAF in World war 2, that is another area no one has explored to

keep up the Good work

Date: Thu May 21 19:04:33 1998



From: L.N.Subramanian
Date: Tue May 19 12:24:38 1998

Eagerly waiting for the 1965 operations

Your page is gradually developing a unique look
to it. Waiting for your 65 ops page to be completed. Keep in touch.

From: Gopal Dar (
Date: Mon May 18 11:57:30 1998


Congratulations on a great site. Some updating with regard to recent equipment would be useful. Anxiously await completion of pages about the 1965 war, which I remember as a young boy of 11 years.

Keep up the good work,

All the best,


From: Rupak Chattopadhyay (
Date: Thu May 14 20:07:47 1998

good going

An invaluable addition!!! Good going !


From: Vishnu Mavuram (
Date: Wed May 13 15:08:09 1998


Way to go Jagan. Couldn't wait to congradulate you. A perfect site to show to our children.

Hope will you add more stories.

From: S.V.Kanhai (
Date: Wed May 13 05:47:24 1998

Beautifull site, keep it up.

From: Rohit Iyer (
Date: Tue May 12 20:27:08 1998

Great Site!

Good web page. Add some more info about the conflict in the Siachen Glacier and some info about the role of IAF in defending the North-East theatre

From: Vaibhav
Date: Sun May 10 10:47:03 1998

Good site

Its a Good site and I hope that more pictures and information about our armed forces will be desplayed on the site like 1971 war and srilankan operations.

From: Syed Nazar
Date: Sun May 10 05:59:39 1998

Good No of Pictures and some stories. Add some color photos from contemporary period