The 1947-48 Kashmir War
The Flyers - Gallantry Awardees of the War.

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Air Commodore Mehar Singh, MVC and DSO. Mehar Singh was the CO of No.1 Air Operations Group.

Wg Cdr Minoo Merwan Engineer, MVC and DFC. was the Station Commander of Srinagar Airfield and later OC, No.1 Opl Wing.. Engineer was the AOC-in-C , Western Air Command during the 71 War. Wg Cdr Hrushikesh Moolgavkar, MVC was the Squadron commander of No.7 and Later was the OC, No.1 Opl Wing,Moolgavkar became Air Chief in 1976.
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Wg Cdr Sidney Basil Noronha,MVC, was the commanding officer of No.7 Squadron flying the Tempest fighter. Noronha's squadron was involved in the operations right from the beginning and Noronha himself led many missions against Pakistani targets. Fg Off Ulrich Anthony D'Cruz, KC baled out of his fighter aircraft after being hit by AA. He was captured by the tribesmen and subject to Hardship and torture. The Award of Ashoka Chakra Class II came in due recognition of his fortitude Wg Cdr Ranjan Dutt,VrC flew a tree-top bombing raid on April 24th , 1948, on the Kishenganga Bridge in a Tempest of No.7 Sqn. Later on he was the SASO of No.1 Opl Group.
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Wg Cdr K L Bhatia, VrC was the commanding officer of No.12 Dakota Squadron. His Squadron was responsible for flying the now legendary missions to Srinagar, Punch and Leh. Fg Off Douglas Barty VrC, was a Dakota Pilot with No.12 Squadron. He  landed his Dakota at Punch in an airstrip made to take only an Auster. Barty's feat inevacuating casualites from the beleaguered garrison was recognised by the Vir Chakra.

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