The 1965 Indo Pakistan Conflict

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A Flight of PAF B-57s before the war. The B-57s suffered high losses during the conflict, losing about Four to all reasons. LOW LEVEL JINKS: A Canberra Interdictor , with a Belly Cannon Pack doing some low level fancy flying. This photograph is of an aircraft being flown by Wg Cdr P Wilson about the time of the Badin Raid. (Pic Courtesy : Air Cmde Peter Wilson, VrC, via Gus Sheridan)

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A C-119 Fairchild Transport aircraft with an Orpheaus Dorsal Jet pack. Two of the aircraft found themselves to be unwitting participants when they got caught in air raids at Pathankot and Baghdogra. THE RIVALS: Air Chief Marshal Arjan Singh with his Pakistani Counterpart Air Marshal Noor Khan, at Peshawar , Feb 66. Noor Khan took Arjan Singh around Peshawar Air Base to see the damage done by Indian Bombers on the night of Sep 14th, 65.


Gun Camera Pictures of Sabres being Shot down. The sequence of pictures are unidentified.

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