No.28 Squadron, The First Supersonics. at War

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BOSS BISHNOI: Wg Cdr B K Bishnoi, VrC and Bar after the War with his MiG. He got the VrC in 1965 flying Hunters, and moved on to the MiG earning a Bar in 1971. He retired as a Air Vice Marshal.He led the first raids on Dacca and the raid on the Government House in which the East Pakistan Governor Resigned. ROAD TO DACCA: The Ground Crew of No.28 send a message to the Pakistani, on a 500 KG Bomb. A coincidence saw to it that the Squadrons commander in 1965, was now the station commander of Tezpur, Here, Gp Capt Mally Wollen accompanies Bishnoi for the sendoff.
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BULLSEYE: The Wreckage of a Pakistani International Airlines Twin Otter photographed at Dacca, after the Ceasefire. The MiGs were responsible for destroying this and three other light aircraft on the first day of the War. RUNWAY BUSTERS: This aerial photograph shows the  reason why No.28 earned the nickname "The Runway Busters". The destruction of the Runway led to the grounding of the PAF Sabres, and subsequent Capture.

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THE VANQUISHED: A Pakistani Sabre of  No.14 PAF Squadron forms a nice background to this photograph. From L to R: GLO II Wing, Flt Lt Manbir Singh VrC, Sqn Ldr S K Sareen (Later Air Chief Marshal), Wg Cdr Bisnoi, Unidentified, Sqn Ldr K C "Nanda" Cariappa, and Flt Lt Subrat Raj. The Captured Sabres were handed over to the New Bangladesh Government.

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All Pictures courtesy of the College of Air Warfare Library. The Kurmitola Runway Pic courtesy  BR