The Sri Lankan Campaign

& other 1988 Operations ( Siachen, Maldives )

RELIEF : is evident on the faces of the pilots of the An-32s who had participated in the supply dropping mission in 1987. The Four An-32s were escorted by Mirage 2000s in what was basically a deliberate intrusion of the Sri Lankan Air Space,
India Used Mi-24 Gunships for the first time during the Chavakacheri battle in Jaffna, though at that time denied by India later the attack gunships were accepted as a standard part of the anti insurgency doctrine..
The Jungles of Vavuniya offer a surrealastic Background to an Mi-8 Helicopter  on a troop carrying Mission.
 The Mi-24 escorts a Mi-8 Helicopter. the Mi-8 too carried Rockets and support ordnance in a gunship role.
The An-12 s Swansong during the Abortive Maldives Coup. Il-76s of the IAF  flew the 50th Para Bde  from Agra to 
the Maldives to foil the coup attempt. here The An-12s are seen airlifting the troops out on the return trip.

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