The Indian Air Force Museum



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Percival Prentice

The Percival Prentice was the ab-initio trainer for the IAF in the late Forties and the Early Fifties.



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Consolidated B-24 Liberator

HE 924 is one of the 23 Surviving Liberator Bombers in the World. Incidentally the only two airworthy Liberators flying in the World in USA are Ex-Indian Air Force Aircraft.

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De Havilland DH 100 Vampire NF 52

This Vampire NF 52 (ID606) equipped No.10   Squadron at Palam during the 1950s.

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The HT-2 was the first HAL designed Trainer. This equipped the IAF to replace the prentice.  IX737 is the aircraft on display.

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Sikorsky S-55 Whirlwind

This Helicopter looks very similar to the Mil Mi-4. It was the first Heavy Lift Helicopter of the Indian Air Force.

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Dassault   Mystere IVa

Mystere IVa (IA 1329). This aircraft  was one of the last six delivered  to the IAF. The Mystere  got the IAF its only posthumous MVC in 1965.


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