Warbirds of the Indian Navy

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wbff01.jpg (45688 bytes)The Naval Air Wing of the Indian  Navy operated several aircraft that were distinct and different from those operated by the Indian Air Force. Equipped with a set of roles that were clearly different from those of the airforce, different types of  aircraft like the Firefly, the Sealand, the Alize and an unavoidably high number of choppers were acquired. Today,  Some of these aircraft can be seen at the Naval Air Museum in Goa. while others are dotted around the country.

Picture left shows one of the earliest Firefly fighters of World War 2 fame in the Indian Navy Colors. These  Aircraft served as target tugs.


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The Airframe of the Sea Harrier FRS Mk 51 on display at the Naval Air Museum in Goa. This particular aircraft (IN 621) had earlier been retired due to structural damage during a landing.






Seahawks of the Navy

The Indian Navy acquired 74 Sea Hawk fighters between the years 1961 to 1965. Almost all of them saw service with No. 300 Naval Air Squadron the "White Tigers" onboard the INS Vikrant. These saw action in the 71 conflict before finally being retired in the 1980s. Several Sea Hawks survive today. One at the Naval Air Museum in Goa, Some Gate Gaurdians. The Navy donated Two Sea Hawk airframes to the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai for instructional purposes. One Sea Hawk was donated to Germany as gift.





SEA HAWK OF NO 300 INAS "White Tigers". This Retired aircraft seen at Bombay is just one of the many Sea Hawks in India.










The Gate Gaurdian at Marmagoa, Goa,   IN244 is on display on one of the main roads.




John Tolland

The Seahawk Indian Express. Thanks to Damien Burke for John Tolland's Ref.  Thanks to  Pawan Kumar for sending The Harrier Picture FLYPAST Magazine .

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