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Nov 5th
(3 pages Updated, and  4 New, 6 jpgs added)

Chapter 7: The Canberras and MiGs in the Twenty Two Days War. Added. with Pictures

Chapter 8 : The South Western Sector Added

Chapter 4 : The Reply  Air battles of September 7th. Updated Kalaikonda Incident.

Photographs of Key Players added (Chaps 3, 4 etc)

Trivia Page  Added


Oct 8th
(29 pages Updated, incl 12 New, 11Jpgs, 1Gif Added)

Peacetime Gallantry Award Winners, The Ashoka Chakra, The Kirti Chakra and the Shaurya Chakra.

Rearranged  Warbirds Section, now classified as IAF Museum, Warbirds of Hyderabad and
Other Warbirds .New Pictures including Harvard, Sukhoi, Tigermoth, Mystere and many more
in the Warbirds of Hyderabad Section.

The MiG-21s at War with the Indian Air force at Bharat-Rakshak Site.

Updated 30 Seconds over Sargodha : The Making of a Myth.

Updated The Lull (Chapter 6) .


Sep 15th

New Chapter added, Seeing the various versions existing of claims of "Ace in a Day" 
and the non-existance of the IAF Version  in my present account , I decided  to  
add one chapter in between, and for a change this one is not authored by me, Rakesh
Koshy did the research and as you will see, he had done an excellent job out of it.

New Trivia Page Added

Web Site Awards Galore! The Desi Genius, Eagle and Criticlal Mass Awards.


Aug 10th

Maps Added for reference . West Pakistan, Pakistan's Punjab Sector, East Pakistan

More Pictures added in  the rearranged  Historic Photographs Section .

Exclusive Pictures of a Captured PAF F-86 SabrePAF Bell Helicopter

The Rival Air Chiefs of 1965.


July 31st

The Indian Air Force Attrition List.

New pictures of Warbirds. Sea Hawks of the Navy

Site Awards The Latest addition "UGA 3 STAR SITE AWARD"


July 10th

The Lull Added for 1965 Air War

New Trivia Page Added

Site Awards The Latest addition "THE BEST OF THE ASIA PACIFIC AWARD"


June 20th

Roll of Honour Completed.

New Photos for 1965: (Denzil Keelor, Camera Gun Pix, Rann of Kutch )

New Photos for 1971: ( Sukhoi 7, More Boyra Pictures)

See The Pakistani Chief of Air Staff as an Indian Guest!

May 30th

Chapter 4 Added in the 1965 Section.

1971 Photos updated

Warbirds Photos updated (See the S-55, Okha and the Harvard in page 2)

New Photos of the Srilanka Campaign added

May 10th

New Guestbook from Tripod added- Leave your Comments here.

New Trivia Page added

New Opening Page.

Links Page Added

Roll of Honour incorporated.(Half complete)


April 20th

Updated gallantry awards - 71 conflict updated

Revised Warbirds- Three Pictures added.

Revised Photo Gallery-Separate sections for the 1948,65 and 71 Wars

Started April 10th 1998