The following are one of the many Interviews, Books and Articles that have been referred to in making this web site interesting.


Air Chief Marshal Idris Hassan Latif, PVSM
Air Chief Marshal Dennis Anthony La Fontaine PVSM, AVSM.
Air Marshal Janak Kapur.
Air Vice Marshal Cecil Vivian Parker MVC, VM
Gp Capt M R Murdeshwar.

Gp Capt O P Taneja VrC, via Dr. Samir Chopra of USA
Gp Capt Mian Niranjan Singh. Via Sanjeev Sharma of USA
Wg Cdr Farokh Jehangir Mehta VrC
Wg Cdr Verghese Kuriyan
Wg Cdr K Dandapani, AVSM

Sqn Ldr K D Mehra.
Flt Lt Samar Bikram Shah, VrC, VM. thru E Mail.


Air Marshal Malcolm Shirley Dundas Wollen , PVSM Via Dr Shiv Shankar Sastry, Bangalore.
Air Marshal Denzil Keelor PVSM, KC, AVSM, VrC in an Interview published in INDIAN EXPRESS.
Air Vice Marshal Adi Rustom Gandhi VrC in an Inteview Published in PROBE.
Air Cmde Peter Maynard Wilson PVSM,VrC Via Gus Sheridan of UK

Wg Cdr K S Suresh VrC,Via Dr Shiv Shankar Sastry, Bangalore.


Lal P C Air Chief Marshal, My Years with the IAF. Lancer Intl.
Sen L P Lt Gen, Slender Was the Thread. Orient Longman..
Chaturvedi, M S Air Marshal.  History of the Indian Air Force. Vikas.
Chakravarty, B C Dr., Indian Armed Forces - Official History of the 1965 Indo-Pak War. Ministry of Defence.

Chakravarty, B C Dr., Indian Armed Forces - Operation Vijay - Official History of the 1961 Goa Operations. Ministry of Defence.
Kaul B M Lt Gen. Confrontation with Pakistan. Vikas
Sukhwant Singh, Maj Gen. Defence of the Western Border. Vikas.
Mankekar D R , Twenty two fateful days,
Asghar Khan, Air Marshal, The First Round, Vikas.
Ministry of Defence, Defending Kashmir.
Rand Institute, The Rand Report.
Musa, Gen, From Jawan to General,
Musa, Gen, My Version,
Chatterjee A K, Admiral, Indian Naval Aviation, Allied.
Pushpinder Singh, Aircraft of the Indian Airforce.
Pushpindar Singh, William Green and Gordon Swansborough, The IAF and its aircraft 1932-1982, Pilot Press.
Maj Gen Fazal Maqueem Khan. Pakistans Crisis in Leadership.
Siddik Salik, Witness to Surrender. Oxford University Press.
Adm K K Nayar, Amar Jawan , India book house.
Govt of India, Gallantry Award Winners 1995 Edition.Indian Defence Review
Air Vice Marshal C V Parker, Lightining Strikes- The 1971 Wardiary of the 20th Sqn . (Unpublished)

Group Captain O P Taneja, No.1 Squadron - 1965 Operations. (Unpublished)
Pushpindar Singh, & Ravi Rikhye, Fiza Ya:The Psyche of the PAF. Himalaya.
Gp Capt Ranbir Singh, Profiles of Courage,
Gp Capt Ranbir Singh, Footprints of Courage in Sands of Time,
Gulzar Ahmed, Brig, Pakistan meets Indian Challenge, Natraj.
John Fricker, Battle for Pakistan, Ian Allan.


Pushpindar Singh, Laying the Sargodha Ghost to Rest, Vayu Aerospace Review, Nov 85.
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Gp Capt Kaiser Tufail .Sqn Ldr S A Rafiqui, Defence Journal , Sept 1998
Wg Cdr Aftab Alam Khan, F-104 Starfighter at War in 1965, Defence Journal.
John Guttman, Pakistan's Sabre Ace. Air History.
Gp Capt Sultan M Hali, The Tail Choppers - PAF No.14 Sqn, Defence Journal.
Gp Capt Sultan M Hali, The Airwar of 71 Remembered, Defence Journal.


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The College of Air Warfare, Secunderabad, for providing Access to their Library.
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Mr. Pushpindar Singh, Managing Editor, Vayu 2000 for the permission to quote from his numerous works.

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