The Indian Air Force Historic Moments in Pictures








A PAF F-86 Sabre

The Kashmir Campaign 1947-48
The Fighter Bombers. The Yaks - Dakota to the Rescue. The Official IAF Site Pictures from 1948.
The Flyers -Gallantry Awards
The Indo Pakistan Conflict 1965
The Preliminaries- Kutch and Chamb The Sabre Slayers of 1965 The MVC & VrC Awardees.
The 1965 Wreckages The 1965 War Other Pictures From the PAF Album
The Bangladesh War 1971*
*The Link to No.29 Sqn leads to Sam's Site
No. 22 Sqn (Gnats) at War. No.28 The First Supersonics at War. Photographs from the Western Front
The MiGs at War - Western Front 1. No.29 Scorpios  at Uttarlai
2. No.29 at War -1
The 1988 IPKF Experience
The 1988 Experience









An IAF Harvard Trainer

It is said that a picture is worth a Thousand Words.  and nothing substitutes History or captures the mood of the moment more than pictures and photographs. The Indian Air Force has fought four wars and numerous actions. Yet  with any account of these wars You will find totally  non-relevant pictures anywhere.  More often than not,  you will come across in an account of war, pictures of aircraft and  people with no names. but hardly anything relevant to the moment. Of course from time to time You do come across some good wartime photographs, they are far and few between, The above links will take you to the best of these.

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