The 1947-48 Kashmir   War

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A Tempest Fighter being armed with Rockets shares the field with a Dakota at Ambala.

The Ground crew arm one of the Tempests with Cannon Shells and Rockets


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This could be a picture straight out of WWII. The breifing room of No.1 Air Ops group. Air Cmde Mehar Singh MVC,DSO is standing fourth from the left. Wg Cdr K L Bhatia Vr C. is to his right.

The Pilot of  a Harvard gives some last minute Instructions to his ground crew.


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Wg Cdr M M Engineer MVC,DFC (sitting in Jeep) who later headed the Western Air Command in 1971 briefs  Pilots of No.7 Tempest Squadron before a Sortie

THUNDER OVER KASHMIR:Two Tempest Fighters over the Kashmir Valley.

All Photographs copyright of the Ministry of Defence, India.

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