The 1965 War in Pictures

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THE PRELIMINARIES: Recce Photo taken by Fg Off Utpal Barbara, Showing Pakistani Patton tanks in Kutch. Thease Photos proved the Usage of US Supplied arms in the conflict (Pic courtesy: College of Air Warfare).

PAK PATTAN EXPRESS: Vampires   suffered severe losses on the first day of the war. and Pakistan claimed thease obsolete aircraft were withdrawn from the frontline subsequently. This picture belies such claims. They carried out many nocturnal missions in support of the army. This Vampire "Pak Pattan Express" has the sorties listed out on its fuselage.

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TIGERS OF ADAMPUR: A Mystere of No.1 Tigers Squadron is armed with Cannon and Stores for an Interdiction mission. An Excellent Interdiction Aircraft, They suffered heavily in Air Combat. No.1 lost Devayya and Fg Off Babul Guha, both to PAF  fighters on Sep 7th.  They also extracted a heavy toll of enemy aircraft on ground. This Ouragan  forcelanded   in Pakistan after straying over on a training  flight. prior to commencement of Hostilities in   June 1965. (Pic Courtesy: Syed Amir Hussain)

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MYSTERE  IVa : A Flight of Mysteres in a close formation prior to the War. The First Supersonic (in a dive) aircraft to be inducted, They did memorable service in the first day of the War. Six of them were lost to various causes. FIRST SUPERSONICS: A MiG-21F of the No.28 Sqn in 1964. A contrast from the MiG-21bis of the later days. India entered the war with 3 of these aircraft, and another 6 MiG-21 FLs. armed with K-13 Missiles which proved useless and no guns, they did not make any contribution except for providing a deterent.

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