The Sabre Slayers of the 1965 War


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BROTHERS IN ARMS: Sqn Ldr Denzil Keelor ,VrC  and  Sqn Ldr Trevor Joseph Keelor,VrC,VM   with their Gnats. Trevor got the first air combat kill of 1965 on Sep 3rd flying for No.23 Sqn. Denzil, the elder of the two followed with his kill on Sep 19th When he shot down a Sabre at an altitude less than a thousand Feet. He was with the No. 9 Wolfpack Sqn.

Flt Lt Virendra Singh Pathania VrC, The second member of No. 23 Sqn to score a kill.

This sequence shows Pathanias kill, which was admitted by the PAF as being lost to "Russian supplied MiGs".



Camera Gun Reel of the Sabre shot down by Fg Off V K Neb over Halwara on Sep6th. The Sabre rolls over to the left and blows up Neb's Hunter just misses the Debris .Click here to download complete picture (Pic Courtesy: IAF Museum) Air Marshal Arjan Singh DFC, chatting with Fg Off V K Neb and Flt Lt D N Rathore of No.27 Sqn who had shot down Two F-86 Sabres over Halwara on September 6th 1965 . Three Pak Pilots were shot down and killed in this battle. Sqn Ldr S Rafique and Flt Lt Younus are two PAF losses admitted by Pakistan. (Pic Courtesy: IAF Museum)

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