The Indian Air Force Museum

The 1960's

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IE1059 is the first Gnat in the Indian Air Force. This is the same aircraft which was evaluated by the IAF.It Greets all the Visitors of the IAF Museum   at the Entrance.






A Sikorsky S-55 Whirlwind .This Helicopter looks very similar to the Mil Mi-4





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Mystere IVa (IA 1329). This aircraft  was one of the last six delivered  to the IAF. The Mystere  got the IAF its only posthumous MVC in 1965.



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The War Trophies Section of the IAF Museum contains wreckage of Shot down PAF Aircraft, incl this F-86 Wreckage from the 1965 War. Others include B-57 wreckage, Ejection Seats, A couple of tanks from Longewala, and Some PAF vehicles captured in 1971




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This is a tail section of a Sabre bought down in 1965 War.





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Hunter BA 263 . The Hunter served for nearly forty years with the Indian Air Force





World War 2






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