The 1965 Indo Pakistan Conflict - Wrecked!!

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KNOCKED OUT! A Pakistani OH-13 Bell Helicopter which was used by the GOC 15 Div, Pak Army. This Chopper was knocked down by Tanks of the 17 Poona Horse Regiment outside Phillora on Sept 12th, killing the General and the Pilot. The Chopper was recovered by 1 Armd Division as a Trophy. AA Got Him: The Wreckage of a B-57 Canberra shot down over Adampur by AA Fire on September 14th.

UNINVITED VISITOR: Villagers take a look at the Wreckage of a F-86 Sabre shot down by Ack Ack Fire. Shot down near Halwara Air Base. The number visible on the wreck ("248") makes it possible that this is part of Sarfaraz Rafiqui's aircraft (S. No 52-5248)

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MISTAKEN IDENTITY: This DHC 4 Caribou Transport of the Royal Canadian Airforce Detachment of the UNMOGIP, was strafed by the Pakistani Sabres in Srinagar, Sep 7th. The Caribou was damaged beyond repair.
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Air Marshal Arjan Singh shows the then Defence Minister Y B Chavan the   of a Sabre shot down over Halwara on September 6th. believed to be of the aircraft flown by Sqn Ldr S A Rafiqui, This wreckage is on display today at the IAF Museum, Delhi.

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